Aircraft Hinge Drilling

          Our company, offers aircraft hinge drilling services utilizing our proprietary Aircraft hinge drilling machines. Our proprietary equipment design and Aircraft hinge drilling expertise allows us to drill most Aircraft hinges up to 144 inches (3657.6mm) in length. We have over 25 years of Aircraft hinge drilling experience for the Aerospace & Defense industry.

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Our company has the ability to drill aircraft hinge pin holes as small as 0.062 diameter (1.575mm) and up to 1.00 diameter (25.4mm). We are able to drill hinge pin holes in aluminum, carbon steels, stainless steel, titanium and other Aerospace alloys. Our experience in the Aerospace & Defense  industry gives us the knowledge needed to conform with OEM quality and specifications.

Partial List Of Aircraft Hinges We Have The Capabilities To Drill The Hinge Pin Holes

Please review our partsbase pdf catalog for parts that we currently have the capability to drill the hinge pin holes. If the part number you require is not listed on our  partsbase pdf catalog, please submit your drawing for our review to determine if it falls within our drilling capabilities.

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