About Us

Our company, ONGHinge.com was created to provide aircraft hinges, aircraft hinge drilling services and aircraft hinge pin manufacturing for the Aerospace & Defense industry. We created an inventory of Aircraft hinge pins and aluminum extrusions that are available for purchase thru our sales department sales@onghinge.com. We have over 25 years of experience in the Aerospace industry manufacturing and providing aircraft hinges, aircraft hinge drilling and aircraft hinge pins. Our many years of experience gives us the product and manufacturing knowledge to offer our parts at a competitive price and quality required to satisfy Aerospace & Defense industry standards and specifications.

Owner/President Cynthia Halcomb


Chief Operations Officer Gary Halcomb

We have owned and operated aircraft hinge manufacturing companies for over twenty-five years. During our career of day to day operations, we have implemented manufacturing operations, planning, quoting, sales and quality.
We can manufacture aircraft hinges from aluminum, steel and titanium material. We can machine aircraft hinges from extrusions, plate and bar stock. We produce Aircraft hinges from 1/2 inch, (12.7mm) to 144 inches, (3657.6mm) in length. Our proprietary Aircraft hinge drilling machines allows us to drill hole sizes from .062″ diameter (1.575mm) to 1.00″ diameter (25.4mm). Our unique aircraft hinge drilling machine design allows us to drill hinges up to 144 inches (3657.6mm) in length. We can manufacture straight and formed aircraft hinge pins in different lengths and diameters.

Customers are the essence of our existence and should be treated as such. We strive to work on a personal level with our customers to help them achieve their company’s goals. We understand the pressure to meet competitive pricing, fast delivery and to satisfy end user demands. We appreciate our customers giving us an opportunity to help them succeed and meet their goals.

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